Frequently Asked Questions


Tell me about your Tarot Readings ?

You will receive an honest, thoughtful and compassionate detailed reading, full of insight and important information you need to know. As well as using the Tarot Cards I also tune into your energy, it doesn't matter if your not sitting in front of me. I believe that tarot is a tool to assist conscious decision making, if you have some idea of where you are going, you can make better decisions. That’s important because our decisions determine our fate. When doing a reading  I not only look at the cards, but i use my intuition to make sense what those cards mean for the client. The Tarot cards have many different interpretations. Sometimes i just pick up an energy or vibe from the client which has nothing to do with the cards.  


How do you do provide your Readings ?

I can do readings by email, this provides a detailed report with photographs of your card layouts. Or if preferred i can do a reading by telephone, or Skype at a mutually agreed time. I can also do readings in person by request.  

Tips for an Email reading 

  1. Make your question as specific as possible.  
  2. Include birth dates.
  3. Please send a picture of yourself if possible as this can be helpful.
  4.  Do not try to wrap more than one question into one.  It may confuse the energy of the reading.  One thing at a time is always best and leads to a more focused answer. 

What information do you need to do my reading ?

I just need your name, and the name of any love interest involved with dates of birth. I can also tune into photographs if you wish to provide one for a clearer connection. Please  let me know if you wish me to focus on one particular area, or issue to ensure you get the best results for you from the reading.
If you have a question you wish answered or wish to provide a more detailed background to your situation please feel free to do so. I want you to get the best from your reading and to have the answers and insight you need.  


When will i receive my reading ?

I aim to get my readings to you as soon as possible, turnover is usually 3-5 working days. If you need an urgent reading, please contact me and i will assess my workload to see if its possible or not before purchase. 

I have received my reading but I have questions ?

I am happy to answer questions following your reading. I always encourage my clients to contact me to let me know how the situation progresses to see if another reading or any advice will help progress things they way they desire. I have many repeat clients and enjoy building these relationships and helping them on the path forward.


How accurate are Tarot Readings ?

In my personal experience, most tarot readers are about 80% accurate at best. I don't know of any reader no matter how famous they are or how accurate they claim to be, can read for everyone or see everything.  There is always room for misinterpretation and no reader can possibly know everything. Do remember if you don't like something said in a reading, you can change the outcome. You have your own free will and are always the master of your destiny. Your actions always determine the path of your life.  


Will everything we discuss be private ?

Please rest assured that all readings and discussions are strictly confidential.

Can you tell me what other people are thinking and feeling ?

The cards give an insight into a persons thoughts, feelings and desires. 

Please note I offer no refunds for any service, class, or digital product.   

If you are not sure or have questions about the products or my services?  Don’t hesitate to contact me before you hit that buy now button.Please purchase mindfully.

As a matter of policy, I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. 

My mission is for my client to have a great experience and sometimes that experience may be better with a different reader. I do not answer questions on pregnancy, health,medical or legal matters 


Love & Light