About Me



Welcome.  I am a Karen a Professional Tarot Reader with 30 years experience. I am a Psychic, intuitive and Reiki Master based in Bournemouth. 

My readings are assisted by my Spirit Guides and Angels, this enables me to provide an in depth and accurate reading. As an Empath I can also feel peoples emotions and read there energy, thus feeling what is happening in your life. My goal is to give you clarity and insight on your journey, and to empower you with the knowledge to choose the best path forward for yourself. Should you book a reading with me, it will come from a place of  honesty, light and compassion. My readings are Spirit guided and working for your highest good at all times. 

I can assure you of total confidentiality and I do not make any judgements on personal situations. I like to build up a relationship with my clients and many return time and time again.I have many local and international repeat clients. 

I look forward to the opportunity of reading for you.If you have any questions please do feel free to contact me. 

Namaste Karen  

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