Animal Communication

What happens in a Reading Session ?
By tuning in energetically to your animal we open up a space of connection, where thoughts and feelings can be shared to help us understand our pets on a more complete level. Like most animal communicators, I do this by using a photo of your animal to make that connection. How much information can be received is up to the animal and how much they want to share with us.

Emailed communications allow you to ask some questions via the order form. I will then connect with your pet and email back my findings. Readings done by phone or Skype allow a more free-flowing nature to the communication as we delve into the issues in a 3-way connection. Your animal does not need to be present for the call, I will again work from a picture.

Communications can be done for our current pets or for those that have passed over. Any animal can be tuned into, whether it’s a dog, cat, horse, pig or anything else.

How can animal communication help?
Being able to send and receive information from an animal opens up a world of possibilities to us all. Here are a few ways we can help our furry friends:

  • Find out what your animal needs
  • Discover what your pet likes and dislikes
  • Help resolve behavioral or health issues
  • Create a deeper bond between you both
  • Speak with a pet who has passed over
  • Allow pets to be aware of changes in our lives

Book a session today by choosing a communication session. I offer three styles of sessions to suit you. We can either connect via phone or email or in person. Some people prefer the live method by phone ask you can ask questions direct and the direction of the communication can change based on the information we get back from your animal. Other people prefer to ask the questions by email and get the answers sent back as sometimes it can be too emotional, especially if the pet is near the end of their life or has already passed over. Please choose a session below.

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