How i do my Email Tarot Card Readings

Email Tarot Readings 

Email Tarot Readings have become very popular as they are quick and convenient in this busy world, and you can of course refer back to them. Have you wondered how Email Tarot Readings are done ? I will take you through how I do my Email Readings step by step. 

Preparation for Email Readings 

I like to do a brief meditation and some Self Reiki Healing visualising white light around my home and the reading. Working for the highest good of the client at all times. I like to work in silence and this helps me to be open to any messages or vibrations from Spirit too. 

I will light some incense to clear my cards and the room, ensuring that the energy is purely positive.Also before a reading I feel its important to ground myself, either with a crystal or visualisation and of course to protect myself with a white light bubble too. 

The Reading  

I consider the clients question to see what they wish to get from the reading, and also to examine what energy i can pick up from them and the situation around them. As a Empath i can read energy remotely so this assists in Email Readings by letting me pick the clients current feelings and emotions and those surrounding the question or situation. 

Before shuffling my cards i speak to my Spirit Guides and Angels and ask the clients question requesting guidance and direction.  Then i shuffle intuitively the number of cards i feel are necessary for the reading. I like to place the crystals i am drawn too around my card spread too at this time. 

As i am reading the cards the whole situation begins to unfurl before me together with intuitive guidance coming from my Spirit Guides.

Once i have my custom card spread i take time to reflect on any patterns and options available relating to the clients situation and question. Where an answer comes out negatively I like to offer other options if at all possible. My readings are completely honest but with compassion too. 

I then take pictures of the custom card spread and proceed to type up my reading interpretation for the client and email it across. This can be time consuming but it is important I feel to put as much information in as possible.  

Follow up 

When sending my readings by email I like to offer my clients the chance to give feedback to let me know how the reading resonates with them. This is helpful for them, and interesting for me as of course the only information they give before a reading is a name,date of birth and perhaps a question.

I always offer the opportunity to ask a follow up question of the reading that may be needed for clarity, though not often necessary, its available for peace of mind. 

Invested in my clients future 

I am very lucky in that I have many regular clients and I get too see how there lives play out and reflect on there progress. They have become friends rather than clients. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity of reading for them. I am invested in wanting the very best for my clients at all times. 

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